Hotspots in Stockholm (6)

Last week I was back in Stockholm with a friend for 4 days, I really missed the city and was happy to be there again. Today I’ll show you the hotspots I haven’t visited before, so the Hotspots in Stockholm streak is more complete now!

Nybrogatan 38

A restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and a drink afterwards? Go to Nybrogatan 38! This is a very cozy and nice place to have breakfast, in Ostermalm. We had a Greek yogurt, omelet and croissants for breakfast, simply delicious! Of course located at Nybrogatan 38.



Skansen is Stockholm’s open air museum and animal park located on Djurgarden. It’s pretty big so you can spend half a day or a whole day over there, according to which events and seasons are happening at the moment. We saw a lot of Noridc animals, birds, aquatic animals and also tropical animals. The weather was good, so if you go to Skansen, please don’t go on a rainy day!

Lion Bar

Since the beer in Stockholm is so expensive, I can imagine you want to go to places where you can drink kind of cheap beer. Lion bar has several bars around Stockholm and many students go there before clubbing. This bar is also opened during weekdays and average age there is around 25 I guess. (Bring your ID) Lion bay is located at Sveavägen 39, Sveavägen 74 and Langholmsgatan 42. All locations easily accesible by public transportation.



On Wednesday was Swedish National Kannellbullens dag (cinnamon bun day), so we definitely wanted cinnamon buns for breakfast. That’s why we went to Chokladkoppen in the Old Town (Gamla Stan). You can sit here in a small lunchroom having coffee and fika (for breakfast 😉 ) or go nextdoors to Kaffekoppen for a bigger choice in coffee. Located at Stortorget 18.



For the best views in Stockholm please don’t go to a payed option to see the city, there are a few other places where you can see the city skyline. One of them in Skinnarviksberget. You go there by metro and step out at Zinkensdamm metro station. Skinnarviksberget is located in Södermalm and gives you a beautiful view to the city centre and a few other parts of Stockholm. In the evenings and weekends many people or students go there for a chill and having some drinks by sunset, it even can be romantic 😉 The mountain is pretty big and don’t be afraid to go on top of it or walk more to the water, because when you go down on the water side you even have a more beautiful view. Tip: don’t be scared to hike and mind your step!

FEVN8523.JPGAlso a walk around the islands Skepssholmen and Kastellholmen in combination with a visit to the free exhibitions at Moderna Museet (and having lunch there) is a nice spent day.


Cheesecake palace

During our stay we slept in a house rented via Airbnb in Kista, 20 minutes by metro from the city centre. In Kista is a big shopping mall called Kista Gallerian, also worth a visit maybe on a rainy day. But even better is the Cheesecake palace in Kista, where you can buy plenty of varieties cheesecake and milkshakes. I had a Oreo cheesecake and a Nutella hot chocolate. Cheesecake palace is located at Hanstavägen 88 in Kista.


Last but not least, Reggev hummus

Reggev Hummus is a cozy lunchroom where you can order several flavours hummus for take-away or to eat there. For a cheap price you can eat a good amount of hummus with bread and add some pickled vegetables if you want to. Located in the city centre at Döbelnsgatan 51 or in Södermalm at Ringvägen 145.



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